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Newspaper Feature: Free 3-D Mammograms

Kristi's Klimbers Foundation Funds Free 3-D Mammograms for Uninsured By Identifying Women in Need Through Partnership With Arizona Community Health Clinics

Kristi’s Klimbers Foundation, a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to supporting the cancer community in the West Valley, has teamed up with eight community health clinics in Arizona to proactively identify uninsured women who are overdue for their mammogram screening.

Founder Kristi Pease noted “We want to encourage people to take responsibility for their health by helping them out financially.”

"One benefit of working with the community health centers is they have a record of uninsured patients that they have treated in the past who have not had timely mammograms. They are able to proactively call these patients to let them know about our free mammogram program and then we work with our mammogram partner to schedule a screening for these women at a time and a place that is convenient for them. This helps us reach women who may not take the initiative to schedule a mammogram on their own.”

“Early detection is your best protection, and we want to see more women taking charge of their health,” says Founder Kristi Pease.

Kristi’s Klimbers Foundation has received over $10,000 in funding through corporate and individual donations in 2022 to fund 100 mammograms for uninsured patients, and they still have approximately 25 mammogram appointments open. If you know of anyone without insurance in need of this screening, please have them contact Kristi’s Klimbers Foundation at

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