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About Kristi's Klimbers Foundation

Kristi's Klimbers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization focused on helping cancer patients, cancer survivors and others in need of support. We provide recovery care items (mastectomy bras, head coverings, radiation robes, etc)  free mammograms and other support to cancer patients. 

Kristi Pease and her family have been impacted by cancer, like many other families. Kristi's father died of brain cancer at an early age and her family has lost numerous friends and relatives to cancer.

Kristi was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and remains cancer free. Kristi, like many women, skipped her yearly mammogram for a few years thinking she was too busy to get this much-needed screening. She fell into a false sense of security, believing she could not get breast cancer because she was extremely active and in good health.


Had Kristi been more diligent about getting yearly mammograms, she could have caught her cancer earlier and possibly avoided two surgeries and several rounds of chemotherapy.

Kristi realizes her prognosis could have been much worse and vowed to "pay it forward" and become an advocate for early detection and support others with their cancer journeys. With the help of her family and an awesome board of directors and officers, Kristi formed Kristi's Klimbers Foundation in 2021. 

Hikers Unite to Support an Important Mission

Kristi loves nature and is an active hiker — here she is with her daughter, Lauren, at Fatmans trail near Flagstaff.  Kristi asks fellow nature lovers and those who have also been impacted by cancer to help support this cause. 

Kick Cancer and Save Lives through Early Detection

Our board of directors and officers are all volunteers.  If your company or employer has interest in supporting our mission to save lives through early detection, please contact


Kristi's Klimbers Foundation is part of a very tight-knit hiking community in AZ. One of our fellow hikers asked for our support in helping to arrange a Grand Canyon trip for one of their family members who had an advanced stage of cancer. Seeing the Grand Canyon had been on his bucket list.

"I wanted to say thank you!  We lost him two months ago and I'm so thankful for the time we had in the canyon.  It was hands down the best time for him to go because he never really felt well again after that. But, we have some great memories to hang on to. 

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you helping me out and I respect so much the work that you are doing to help make the lives of other people even the slightest bit better."

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